Fallon Outreach.....

Hands of Hope Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit based in Reno, NV has been making weekly deliveries of Food Products to families in Fallon since July of 2010.


This program is open to anyone that is in need. Hands of Hope Food Bank targets the working impoverished, those that are working but still cannot make ends meet, and put sufficient food on the table for their family. Each family receives food products from 6 different groups each week: Milk/Drinks, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, protein (i.e. eggs, meat or cheese), bread, sweets/deserts. The quantity is dependent on the donations that have arrived the previous 2 days (yes product is turned that fast).

Funding and Operations

We accept no government funding of any type for this program, and it is strictly supported by the community and the participants. The funding for the operational costs is supplied by the participants through a $10 Shared Maintenance Fee (SMF) per family that is collected for each visit. This is not your normal entitlement Food Bank where they give you canned food, and a loaf or two of bread once a month, but only if you qualify by meeting certain requirements.


Signups for this program are currently at American Legion Hall, 90 N. Ada St, every Wednesday from 12 PM to 4 PM. If no one is available during those times, please contact Priscilla.

PayPal Payment!

You can also pay online through the paypal link below. After you have completed the payment below, please notify Priscilla of your payment so that she makes sure your name gets on to her list.

Future Plans

The plan is to continue to grow this program to the point where we can no longer service it with our 24’ Refrigeration Truck each week. The point at which this happens will be when we reach 100 participants weekly, and have enough trained volunteers. We will then open a facility in the Fallon area that will do the processing of the donated food products, and the subsequent distribution. The day to day operations will then become the responsibility of the local community in Fallon, and the staff from Reno will do oversight.


We are in need of volunteers every Thursday to come into Reno to assist with the preparation of products prior to the delivery to Fallon. Volunteers will receive training during their visit to enable them to be prepared to handle the facility in Fallon when it opens.